Sister Debbie Fowler (First Lady)
The young Garry Fowler & Debbie were already engaged to be married as students at Valley Forge Christian College when God began speaking to both of them about their being set apart for ministry. When Garry felt certain about the call to full-time ministry, he brought it up to Debbie, whose support was resolute. In fact God had been recently speaking to Debbie’s heart in the same vein. When they married in 1981 they were still attending Valley Forge, and Debbie was working full-time as a medical transcriptionist, practically paying Garry’s way through college.

Following graduation in 1984, Garry entered full-time ministry as a youth Pastor, during which time Mrs. Debbie was practically Pastor Garry’s quasi-co-pastor. Not long after, Pastor Garry was called to pioneer this church, founded in March of 1987. Along the way, Debbie has been constant in her support of Pastor Garry’s vision, creating such a synergy that their path, laden with thorns and obstacles, was completely straightened. Most naturally quiet, Debbie is very happy being behind the scenes, continuing to encapsulate this church’s mission - See a need, meet a need.

When you get to know Mrs. Debbie one of the first things you’ll notice is her gracious and empathetic heart. She truly feels all of your emotional stories. Finally, Debbie is passionate about educating children in God’s Word. Perhaps Debbie’s zeal in this regard inspires the tone of our children’s ministry and of our Day Care Program, that being Firm Foundations, and truly, Christ is theirs and our sure foundation.