Our 3 Power-Principles of Service
Give Some of Your Best

This principle springs from the story of Cain & Abel. Cain gave some of his produce to God, whereas his brother Abel gave some of his best. God approved of Abel, but urged Cain to do the same, giving some of his best. Otherwise, Cain would continue unhappy, struggling to master sin.
Give Out of Your Own Need

You’ll never know true service until you’ve served from a position of true need. Many of the Apostle Paul’s most compelling writings were written from prison cells, where he continued in willful service to those around him, praising God in the midst of hardship.
Don’t Hold on too Tightly

As Solomon put it, Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you’ll find it again. This means more than just giving to the poor, as it’s often interpreted. Don’t be afraid to give & to spend. After all, money does the most good as it circulates, passing fluently from one person’s benefit, to the next & so on. Chances are, you’ll see it again.